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Maryville University
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Bachelors and Masters
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Broad range of online healthcare degrees — each designed to deliver specialized training and skills for health administration.
Ohio University
Online Master of Health Administration
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Welcome to the Healthcare Administration Degrees Guide

Welcome to Healthcare Administration Degrees Guide, one of the web's largest and most comprehensive directories of healthcare administration programs at every degree level.

Healthcare administration is a growing profession, and many nurses and other healthcare professionals alike tend to pursue a healthcare administration degree, which allows them to work as an educator, administrator, or in a leadership or executive position in a healthcare or hospital setting.

Our manually edited directory of HUNDREDS of degrees has taken hours upon hours to gather, and every program we include in our database is manually reviewed.

Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants

As the health care industry continues to grow, so does demand for the next generation of strategic thinkers and leaders. That’s why Ohio University delivers an online Master of Health Administration designed to position mid-career health care professionals for long-range career advancement. The program’s curriculum combines academic theory with practical learning to build upon your current experience. The result is a high-value education that qualifies you to lead in the business of health care. You’re already a seasoned health care professional. Now gain the graduate-level expertise to broaden your impact as a leader in the field. Learn how OHIO’s MHA online can help you do exactly that.

An Online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management from Gardner-Webb University can equip you with a strong understanding of the always-evolving healthcare industry environment and the principles and ethics of business, while also offering opportunities for internship experiences, to prepare you for a career as a manager in the field. Graduates are given the groundwork for careers in hospitals, doctors offices, and other healthcare organizations. Click for admissions information from

The Most Popular Health Administration Degrees

Use the quick resources below to efficiently find health administration degrees at different degree levels, or online programs only. Each page has dedicated writeups on what you can expect, from courses or classes you may take, to different career paths or jobs you can expect within healthcare administration and more.

Online Health Administration Degrees

The online healthcare administration degree is a growing area for all degree levels and especially at the Master’s level.
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Bachelors in Healthcare Administration

The most common undergraduate degree for health administration is the Bachelors of Health Administration.
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Masters in Healthcare Administration

To work as a hospital or healthcare administrator, most companies require a minimum of a Master’s in Healthcare Administration.
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Doctorate in Healthcare Administration

The terminal degree within healthcare administration is the Doctor of Healthcare Administration, or DHA degree.
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Why Healthcare Administration as a Career?

The medical field has always been a reliable source of employment for millions of Americans. The busy atmosphere in hospitals and medical facilities requires a high volume of qualified professionals to provide patients with care and support throughout illness and injury. Hospitals are most popular for nursing and doctoral students, since the need for these hands-on professionals is constantly high.

However, there are certain positions in the medical field that do not receive as much spotlight as nursing and doctoring. Behind the scenes, an important class of professionals ties together the many differing positions within the healthcare field, making for a better flowing environment for everyone involved.

The healthcare administration field is one of the most important aspects of the healthcare field. The healthcare administration field focuses on employee management and healthcare as a whole. Combining these different aspects creates a career field that requires only the most qualified professionals.

Throughout the healthcare field, there are many different levels of employment for those interested. Healthcare administration is one of the major sectors of the medical field. Healthcare administration focuses on the managerial aspects of the healthcare industry.

Professionals in this line of work are at management level positions and implement and supervise important healthcare systems. Individuals that are interested in this section of the medical field should have a desire to work hard and prove supervisory skills in a medical setting. Educational programs are available in every state – providing an in-depth look into the medical field and the many aspects involved.

Healthcare Administration Degrees

Educational programs in healthcare administration include a wide variety of subjects. This field is highly versatile and includes aspects that focus on both individual, community, and employee wellness.

In a way, healthcare administration specialists work hard to ensure that the different components of the medical field work smoothly and effectively over time. During a degree program, upcoming specialists are trained to deal with employees at a management level. Once in a professional setting, professionals provide supervision to a team of members, ensuring that all activities are completed according to certain standards.

It is up to professionals in this field to ensure that employees receive the proper training and conduct themselves in a way that represents a medical facility well and provides excellent care to patients.

Since patients are the primary concern of healthcare facilities, it is important that healthcare administrative specialists are qualified to handle even the most sensitive situations. The curriculum in these degree programs are designed to mold professionals that can deal with any situation in a medical setting.

Healthcare Administration Careers

The reach of this career path goes well beyond the standard hospital setting. Professionals in this field work with community organizations and even government agencies to design and implement important healthcare programs.

These programs set the stage for youth to elder health and wellness in the community, which contributes to a better society as a whole. Healthcare administration professionals have the leading role in creating these programs. Some examples of these programs include dietary recommendations and exercise regimens.

Working in this aspect of the field provides a great sense of accomplishment for those involved, since the health of the community is representative of the healthcare providers. Professionals may work in or outside of a medical setting, providing direct support to organizations concerned with bettering overall health. Healthcare administration specialists are an important part of the utilization of healthcare programs. These professionals help organizations reach out to individuals in need of guidance with health related matters.

Healthcare Administration Positions Are Dependent on Educational Program Experience

Healthcare administrative positions are also found in high-tier positions in a medical organization. Since the education program for this degree path includes such various subjects, the product of the program is a well-rounded medical professional. Having the knowledge of healthcare systems as well as employee maintenance makes for an excellent professional in higher positions.

Most higher level professions in this field require that professionals have some existing experience. Experience paired with an excellent education make the opportunity for growth within a company a huge possibility. Top level managers assist hospitals in becoming highly rated among patients, which opens doors to even more innovation in the future. There are many requirements of professionals at this level, including excellent communication skills and a desire to work hard.

Many hospitals and healthcare facilities employ healthcare administration specialists in positions overseeing entire healthcare facilities. Professionals at this level are responsible for ensuring that human resources, patient care, and business departments flow at a rate set forth by higher committees.

What Does a Healthcare Administrator Do?

Working in healthcare is a desire for many prospects every year. The field itself withstands the transitions of the economy, maintaining job stability for those involved. The medical field is a highly organized, yet busy field overall. It is vital that each facility operates effectively and without interruption, so that patients receive immediate care. This field requires many different hands of support during a normal work day.

Patients need to be cared for and employees also have needs from their employer. Medical facilities rely on administrative specialists to ensure that employees receive the right training, pay, and supervision throughout their workday. These facilities also lean on administrative specialists to supervise employees as they treat patients throughout each day. Healthcare administration ties the different aspects of healthcare facilities together effectively.

Handing human resources, patient information, and managing teams is only a few of the responsibilities of a professional in this field. As the medical field continues to grow, more people are becoming interested in this field. The importance of a college degree as grown over the years, making a higher degree the only option for individuals wanting to get ahead of the game.

Healthcare administration encompasses all of the factors that come together to make an effective hospital or healthcare center. For those wanting to find a career path that is diverse and provides well for its professionals, healthcare administration is an excellent place to start. The versatility of this career will intrigue those within it for years to come.