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Just like its northern counterpart, South Dakota is a relatively healthy state. However, South Dakota exceeds the U.S. rate for seven of its top ten leading causes of death; most notably, the South Dakota accident rate nearly doubles that of the U.S. rate.

These indicators are important to consider for future healthcare professionals- especially healthcare administrators- who want to improve population health.

The need to redistribute resources to these medical issues have never been more important for the state of South Dakota.

Many health professionals have looked towards graduate programs to boost their skills and competencies, and move up in leadership positions within their respective organizations.

As noted above, healthcare administrators are necessary to improve the health conditions in population health. Those that have made a considerable impact in their communities have acquired Masters in Healthcare Administration.

South Dakota offers an opportune environment for any serious professionals through quality educational institutions and lingering societal health issues. It's recommended for readers to explore Masters in Healthcare Administration programs in South Dakota.

Health Administration Degrees Available in South Dakota

We wanted to select a few schools (at random) that offer either an on-campus or online healthcare administration degree in the state of South Dakota.

We also wanted to highlight some of the estimated program length and cost to give you a clearer picture of the investment around the degree.

University of Sioux Falls

This online health administration program gives students the flexibility to earn their degree entirely online or as part of their on-site accelerated program.

In addition to this flexibility, the accredited university endows its students with foundational Christian values and the backing of the university after they graduate.

For students taking this program, the per credit cost for tuition is $370.

Students study with other experts and faculty focused entirely on business in the health administration context, and prepare students for situations they will encounter as a healthcare administrator.

University of South Dakota

This MBA program allows students to enjoy the benefits of its competency component which allow students to become better leaders for tomorrow.

The advantage of this program is highlighted from the number of awards it has received.

Even better, it is an affordable program that charges resident graduate students $326.05 per credit hour and non-resident graduate students $628.85 per credit hour, excluding mandatory program fees.

Its mission is to improve the health services and health populations from the education its managers receive. The program allows students to stand out among other administrative students with courses that improve their understanding of financial, economic, and quantitative concepts.

For its cost, many students have enjoyed the quality of education they have received in return.

Common Master's in Health Care Administration Degree Concepts

University of Sioux's program, like most accredited MHA degrees, is a quality, multidisciplinary program meant to prepare early and mid-career professionals for the rigorous standards of the many aspects of health administration and population health.

And as many other programs do, they have designed their degree plan around a series of core competencies. Below, we have listed and briefly described these competencies.

Health Law and Policy

This and similar courses aim to provide a framework for understanding the different dimensions of health policy in the United States. Students are introduced to the working of our nation's legal system, and are taught about some of the most important health-related policies of our time.

Health Finance and Managerial Economy

As administrators, MHA recipients interact with the financial aspect of healthcare on a daily basis. These courses provide conceptual and practical knowledge of the different facets of healthcare finance.

Students are equipped with the skills necessary for the application of financial management techniques, in order to lead finance-related decision making in a healthcare environment.

Introduction to Statistics

This course explores research methods and basic statistics required from healthcare administrators. The course uses statistical software and teaches students how to effectively convey findings in data analysis.

What Can a Health Administrator in South Dakota Do?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, South Dakota currently employs around 770 health managerial professionals, who enjoy a median annual salary of $100,050.

The demand for such professionals is likely to grow at a rate higher than the national average over the next several years due to changes in the national and state-wide healthcare systems.

While a majority of these professionals find work in public hospitals and private clinics, a recent search for South Dakota health administration openings found such positions including administration at a private university, as an executive at a healthcare organization, and as a director at a regional private hospital.

Whatever your specific interests, if you are passionate about health administration, now might be the time to take advantage of South Dakota’s prestigious MHA program and achieve competencies that can make you a much better leader tomorrow.

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George Washington University

Online Master of Health Administration
CAHME Accredited

American University

Online MS in Health Care Management

Tufts University

Online MS in Health Informatics & Analytics

George Washington University

BSHS in Clinical Operations and Healthcare Management

CAHME Accredited South Dakota Health Administration Degrees

South Dakota CAHME Accredited Programs

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