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What Can a Health Administrator Do?

As we mentioned above, West Virginia is in dire need of qualified health professionals in just about every aspect of the field, from academia and research to on-site administration.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, state-wide, less than 1,500 professionals are employed as health managers, a mere .87 per 1000 residents in a population of over 1.8 million. These professionals enjoy a mean annual salary of $106,940: noticeably higher than the national average.

A recent search of health administration-related jobs in the state found numerous postings for administrative roles in the VHA, as well as specialized positions in academic departments and healthcare service providers.

The well-being of many West Virginians depends on the hard work, dedication, and passion of future industry leaders. If you think this line of work is right for you, and you live or wish to study in West Virginia, you might wish to consider any of the institutional options which appear below.

This year, the president of West Virginia University said, with respect to the health of West Virginians, "we have every problem under the sun" (source).

And at first glance, this might appear to be true: high obesity rates, opioid addiction, and overwhelmed first responders are part of the West Virginia panorama. But the president went on to say that he also views WVU and other Virginia universities as "unique laboratories" which he estimates will be on the forefront of the fight to improve health care for West Virginians, Americans as a whole, and even the entire world.

What these universities need are dedicated students with the right combination of professional experience and academic desire to make impacts on community health in the real world, in the communities where they grew up in and live.

If you are currently a health professional or have a Bachelor's in a health-related degree, a Master's in Health Administration with a West Virginia university might be one of the best options you can take to ensure you have the skills and credentials necessary not only to advance your career but to make a difference.

Healthcare Administration Programs Available in West Virginia

We selected (at random) a few schools that offer varying levels of healthcare administration degrees that are available to potential students in the state of West Virginia along with estimated pricing too.

Marshall University

Marshall University is a co-ed public research institution with nearly 200 years of history in the state of West Virginia. Their Lewis College of Business offers a rigorous MSHA meant to provide students with a comprehensive view of the world of healthcare.

With a specific emphasis on global health, students are to gain the skills necessary to succeed in health markets around the nation and the world. Applicants should have a minimum 3.0 GPA, though exceptions to this are considered on a case-to-case basis.

The program itself comprises 36 credit hours and is CAHME-accredited. Courses range from Health Marketing and Health Economics to the study of long-term care, and students are required to complete a field research study regarding an issue of their choosing, in which they will interact with local and regional health organizations.

Residents of the state can expect a base tuition of $4,216 per semester of full-time coursework, while out-of-state residents are charged $10,175. Additional fees may apply, such as books, university forms, and transportation.

Students with high GPAs may also apply for full and part-time graduate assistantships in order to help offset the costs of their degree.

West Virginia University

The state's largest and most well-funded public institution offers an MPA in Health Administration, through the prestigious Eberly College of Arts and Sciences.

This internationally-accredited program places a special focus on health policy, with the objective of forming future policymakers and leaders in health policy debate.

The degree plan is designed both for students who have recently obtained their Bachelor's and students with years of experience: courses are offered in a flexible full-time or part-time schedule. Students have the additional benefits of working small class sizes, and in having the opportunity to participate in internships and paid work with regional health and governmental organizations.

According to the university's research, the majority of their graduates have found work in non-profits, academia, and regional governmental organizations.

The minimum degree plan comprises 39 credit hours, with additional options for those interested in specializations or dual-degree options.

Generally, the degree is completed within two to three years. Resident students can expect to pay $7,218 in tuition - including college and university fees - for a semester of full-time coursework.

Non-resident students must pay a higher fee of approximately $18,000. Tuition fees may vary for part-time students, depending on how many classes they take.

List of Programs

School Level Program Admissions
American University Master Online MS in Health Care Management Learn More
George Mason University Master Master of Health Administration in Health Systems Management Learn More
Methodist University Bachelor BS in Health Care Administration Learn More
Illinois College Bachelor BA in Healthcare Management Learn More
George Washington University Bachelor BSHS in Clinical Operations and Healthcare Management Learn More

CAHME Accredited West Virginia Health Administration Degrees

West Virginia CAHME Accredited Programs

CAHME (Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education) is the top accrediting board for health admin and management programs. Below, you will find a list of all of the CAHME accredited healthcare programs in West Virginia. Keep scrolling or jump to all programs for all programs.

List of West Virginia Healthcare Administration Programs

Marshall University

MS-HCA program at Marshall University is designed to provide a comprehensive perspective of the health care environment and emphasis is placed on a global view of health care rather than a targeted sector.

Marshall University

Master of Science in Health Informatics
Master of Science in Health Informatics program at Marshall University prepares the students in three major domains: Information Systems, Informatics, and Information Technology. The program also requires to complete an internship at one of several Health Informatics job sites which have been approved by the MSHI program director.

Strayer University-West Virginia

Masters Of Science in Health Services Administration Degree program at Strayer University-West Virginia is offered online and develops managerial, technical and communication skills to become part of the next wave of health care visionaries.
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