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Idado is one of the seventeen states which has decided not to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. And studies show that this has had a profound effect on the most marginalized communities in the state: as much as twenty percent of low-income residents are estimated to have foregone medical and dental care in the past year due to expenses (source).

However, the issue of public health has become voter's rallying cry for the 2018 midterm election, and many think it is likely that the Idahoans will pass Prop 2: a ballot which would approve the expansion of Medicaid.

If this happens, the health industry in Idaho is likely to undergo quick and drastic changes: and even if it doesn't, the industry is expected to grow at a rate of twenty percent through 2024 according to BLS data.

This growth means that the future of Idaho healthcare organizations will rely more and more on competent, educated leaders who understand the intricacies of the industry's working. If you live in Idaho or wish to work there, a Master's in Health Administration with an Idaho university may be a great way to give your career a boost.

Master's in Healthcare Administration Programs Available in Idaho

We randomly selected a few school's that offer either on-campus or online healthcare administration degrees in the state of Idaho along with estimated degree costs too. If you feel like your in-state options are limited, online schools might be the route for you.

Idaho State University

Starting in the fall of 2018, Idaho State University opened to the public it's brand new MHA degree plan: this is the first, and as of now only, degree plan of its kind in the state, and it is expected to have wide repercussion on the panorama of public health within the state.

The first class has only about a dozen students, but the system is not cohort-based, which means interested students can apply and enter at different points of the year. The degree plan is part of ISU's College of Business, which accepts applications year-round.

The program is especially thought out for students who are working professionals and need to balance the time commitments of education with their ongoing career.

Roughly half of the degree's classes will be offered during the evening on workdays, offered in different campuses throughout the state, with its distance-learning technology available for student's use. And it is estimated that roughly one-third of the coursework will be offered completely online.

The program comprises 48 credit hours, is expected to take two years to complete, and has been designed to meet rigorous CAHME standards.

While undergraduate degrees in Health Administration are common throughout the state, for the first time Idaho residents can attend a local university where they can gain the postgraduate knowledge and expertise needed to lead health organizations.

In-state students can expect to pay a total of around $12,000 for the degree plan. Non-resident students can expect a base tuition of $11,852 for each full-time semester of coursework.

In the future, it is likely that more Idaho universities will follow suit and offer accredited MHA programs. But as of 2018, this is the only option.

Common Master's in Health Care Administration Degree Concepts

ISU's program, like most accredited MHA degrees, is a rigorous, multidisciplinary program meant to prepare early and mid-career professionals for the rigorous standards of the many aspects of public health.

And as many other programs do, they have designed their degree plan around a series of core competencies. Below, we have listed and briefly described these competencies: keep in mind that you are likely to see these models regardless of where you study.

Communication and Relationship Management

Courses in this competency are meant to give students the skills and knowledge to communicate clearly and concisely with customers, coworkers, and policymakers.


As future leaders, MHA recipients are expected to have understood the concepts and abilities required of a good leader, such as the ability to inspire others, envision an organization's success, and lead an organization to this goal.

Knowledge of the Healthcare Environment

Ranging from health ethics to health policy, from biostatistics to managerial epidemiology, students are taught the health-specific concepts and protocols they are likely to work within any health organization.

Business Skills and Knowledge

Health administration is the nexus between business and public health. MHA recipients are trained in finance, microeconomics, systems analysis, and human resource management.

Health Administration in Idaho

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Idaho currently employs roughly 2,000 health managerial professionals, who enjoy a mean annual salary of $89,180.

As we have stated above, however, the demand for such professionals is likely to grow at a rate higher than the national average over the next several years due to changes in the national and state-wide healthcare systems.

While a majority of these professionals find work in public hospitals and private clinics, a recent search for Idaho health administration openings found such positions including administration at a private university, as an executive at a healthcare provider, and as a director at a prestigious regional private hospital.

Whatever your specific interests, if you are passionate about public health, now might be the time to take advantage of Idaho’s new MHA program and earn a valuable set of skills that can make you a leader of tomorrow.

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American University Master Online MS in Health Care Management Learn More
George Mason University Master Master of Health Administration in Health Systems Management Learn More
Methodist University Bachelor BS in Health Care Administration Learn More
Illinois College Bachelor BA in Healthcare Management Learn More
George Washington University Bachelor BSHS in Clinical Operations and Healthcare Management Learn More

CAHME Accredited Idaho Health Administration Degrees

Idaho CAHME Accredited Programs

CAHME (Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education) is the top accrediting board for health admin and management programs. Below, you will find a list of all of the CAHME accredited healthcare programs in Idaho. Keep scrolling or jump to all programs for all programs.

List of Idaho Healthcare Administration Programs

Northwest Nazarene University

Master of Science in Nursing
The online MSN program at Northwest Nazarene University is designed for the working professional nurse to prepare for the role of a nurse leader and educator.