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Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Master Master of Arts in Health & Human Services Administration

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The MHA is an enticing degree program for students that are looking to get into the health care field as their primary means of employment. The MHA in Health Services Administration is a flexible degree option that allows students to choose either traditional or online paths for their program. Since a lot of students enrolling in this program have some experience working in the health care field, there are even executive options to help make your journey to a master's degree faster.

Many people throughout the country rely on the health care field for their current careers, making it one of the largest employers nationwide. If you feel like you could be a part of this increasingly relevant field, there are many options beyond the standard applied fields for you to choose from.

Health Services Administration as a concentration can help students focus more on what is required of professionals that work directly in health care settings. The curriculum for this program includes courses that are relevant for health service managers or administrative specialists that work to lead large teams of professionals in the busy health care environment.

This specialization also takes into consideration the need for advanced learning in the financial and legal aspects of the health care field, since professionals with this degree may work in positions that require them to enforce policies and monitor the behaviors of staff. Students that enroll in this program may have the opportunity to take part in on-campus residency requirements or work experience requirements that can help shape their professionalism throughout their university experience.

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Examples Courses to Expect

One of the most important aspects of a degree program is its curriculum. Students that enroll in MHA – Health Services Administration programs may need to take a diverse set of classes in order to grab hold of what is required for health care leaders. As you can see below, some of the course work for this discipline includes a consideration for ethics, economics, and leadership. While this is only a short list of example courses, it can help to bring this degree program to light for those that are interested.

Organizational Ethics and Health Care Compliance

The health care field consists of many different branches that work together in the treatment of people. Throughout all of these organizations and facilities, professionals are expected to act in a certain way in terms of quality of care and treatment of patients. This course helps to define the rules and requirements of health care professionals, so that upcoming management specialists know what to look for and what to enforce within their working environments. Students taking this course may take a look into the specific regulations that govern the health care field, in an effort to see how these rules actually apply in a real-world environment.

Health Care Economics

Students that want to become leaders in the health care field must have a strong understanding of the financial responsibilities that accompany this position. There are many different levels of purchasing, budgeting, and employee salary tending that take place within this line of work, making Health Care Economics an important class for upcoming students. In this course, students can learn more about how the government interacts with health care, how the economy can play a role in the quality of health care, and steps to take to ensure that individual health care agencies are acting in accordance to a budget or predetermined spending plan.

Leadership in the Health Care Setting

In most master’s level programs, students are likely to learn more about the leadership and management skills necessary within their field. In the health care field, leaders may require a dense knowledge of both the health care field financially and in terms of employee care and maintenance. This course seeks to help students comprehend what is necessary for them to become effective management professionals within large scale hospitals and health care facilities. Some of the topics that may be discussed throughout this course include leadership techniques, employee hiring and benefits, and ethical treatment of patients.

Notable Schools Offering MHAs w/Health Services Administration

  • Bellevue University: Bellevue University currently has an innovative MHA program for students that wish to pursue leadership positions in the field of health care. This program requires that students complete 36 credit hours in order to graduate. Students have the option of pursuing this program completely online, which is excellent for those with current careers. Some of the coursework involved in this degree program may include a look into health information technology, legal and ethical concerns within the health care field, and design of delivery systems.
  • Texas A & M University: Choosing a program that is reputable and has a curriculum designed for success is what most students yearn to do with their college experience. This university currently offers students the option of enrolling in either a residential or executive track for their MHA program. Students that are new to the field may benefit more from the residential track while those with significant experience in the health care field find more through the executive track. Throughout either program, students can learn more about what goes into effective planning for health care facilities, how to manage a large team of employees, and methods for providing better quality health care to the people that choose to utilize certain health care facilities.
  • The University of North Texas: Students that are interested in pursuing a MHA degree that focuses more on the services and science of the health care field may be interested to learn more about UNT’s MHA program. This program has a 60 credit hour requirement and can potentially be completed within 2 years. This program includes course work that focuses on both the administrative and scientific constituents of the health care field, including courses in Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Leadership in health care. Students that desire a wide range of skills for their future may find this degree program to be everything they are looking for in a college experience.

Difference between a MHA and MHA in Health Services Administration

As you look through the different options for your MHA – Health Services Administration degree, you can run into different programs and specializations for each one. Specializations are added to degree programs to help extend your knowledge and expertise within a specific field. Many students choose concentrations with their degree programs in order to pursue specific careers after they have graduated.

The MHA on its own in a very general degree program. Students that are enrolled in this program may get a strong understanding of what Health Administration is from an outside perspective, then follow-up with courses that outline the different roles and responsibilities in the field. Almost all degree areas have a generalist path with can teach the foundation of their subject area without adding any specialist concentration.

Adding the Health Services Administration to the MHA gives students the opportunity to learn more about what is required for administrators in health care settings. The course work for this specialization may vary slightly from what is seen in the MHA program, and include courses that are more focused on the direct care of patients within health care settings.

Courses such as Epidemiology, Health Care Management, and Budgeting for Health Services are common within this degree path, making it great for students that wish to pursue management positions in health care facilities.

So, if you are undetermined about where you want to work after graduating, a general MHA may be the best option for you. Choosing this path can help keep you open to varying positions within the field. The MHA – Health Services Administration program can help you to learn more about this leadership path in particular, and possibly allow you to become a more preferred applicant for these positions.

Career Outcomes / Day to Day Job Responsibilities for MHA:HSA Graduates

The most popular outcome for graduates within this field is obtaining a leadership position within the field of health care. This can be done in medical hospitals, rehabilitation centers, community health facilities, or even in psychiatric hospitals. There is a wide range of coverage for professionals within this field, making this a great place to settle into a degree program. Read over some of the typical duties of HSA specialists below.

  • Creating Budgets for Health Care Facilities
  • Enforcing Rules and Regulations for Health Care Providers
  • Hiring and Training New Staff
  • Providing Expertise During Health Care Service Planning
  • Researching Data to Analyze Health Service Efficiency

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Consider a featured online health administration program currently accepting applications for 2024.

School Level Program Admissions
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Master Master of Arts in Health & Human Services Administration