Health Administration Programs


Consider a featured online health administration program currently accepting applications for 2024.

School Program Admissions
Boston College Online Master of Healthcare Administration
Finish in 24 months or less, designed for working professionals.
George Washington University Online Master of Health Administration
Earn an MHA in 24 Months With GW’s Online Program. No GMAT/GRE Required.
Maryville University Master of Health Administration
Earn your Master of Health Administration (MHA) online from Maryville University in as few as two years. Prepare for leadership positions across a variety of healthcare settings.
George Washington University Online Doctor of Public Health
Earn your Doctor of Public Health online from the No. 12-ranked public health school in the U.S. CEPH accredited. No GRE required.
University of Tennessee Online Master of Public Health
Concentrations in Health Policy and Management, Community Health Education, and Veterinary Public Health.
Maryville University Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management
Understand the business of healthcare. Prepare for leadership roles that help transform the industry. No SAT or ACT scores required.
Methodist University Bachelor of Health Care Administration
AUPHA accredited, 8 week courses.
Methodist University Master of Health Administration
Prepare to secure executive positions in health care administration in as few as 18 months.
University of Texas Permian Basin BBA in Healthcare Management
AACSB-accredited online Bachelor of Business Administration in Healthcare Management will prepare you to excel as a decisive leader in the dynamic healthcare industry.

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Degrees in healthcare administration are available all over the country. Depending on the state, healthcare administration programs may be available both in person and online. Choosing the right program is an important step in any professional's timeline. Different schools provide varying levels of quality and accreditation.

Prospects in this field should research potential programs to determine their accreditation, as this is an important requirement for future licensure. Educational programs in healthcare administration include a variety of courses that connect the varying subjects within the field. Students will be taught to understand and interpret important health data while still maintaining important employee relationships. Since this employment field is so diverse, the educational requirements for this degree take into consideration many different factors.

Top Health Administration Programs

Click to search for online health administration programs that are currently taking applications.

Professionals that seek the most out of their degree look into fields that are least likely to be affected by changes in the economy or other factors. One field that has continued to grow in the face of change is healthcare. The healthcare field has continuously provided millions of employment positions to interested individuals over the course of time.

The medical field is one that contains a huge variety of different employment opportunities. For some, hands on positions working with patients is the best fit. For others, working behind the scenes is more appropriate for their personalities or business interests. There is much more to the medical field than busy doctors and nurses.

There are teams of hard working individuals that manage the influx of new employees and maintain important health information. Without professionals in healthcare administration, it would be difficult for medical facilities to manage the high number of insurance companies and claims that go along with hospital visits.

What is Healthcare Administration?

The administrative aspect of the healthcare field is one the requires a large number of employees. The healthcare administration department is an important part of healthcare facilities. The healthcare administration field is one that desires only the most qualified professionals to manage teams of workers in the busy medical field. The medical field is one that constantly undergoes various changes. The implementation of new and innovative health information systems requires professionals in this field to have a versatile understanding of healthcare, technology, and management.

What Areas Do You Study in Healthcare Administration?

There are numerous responsibilities within this field, which makes experience the key to success in healthcare administration. Educational programs have been designed to encompass the many different aspects of this field, teaching the many different topics regarding employee managing and system maintenance. Deciding to pursue a degree in this field is a decision that will change an individual’s life for the better.

Healthcare administration degrees provide in-depth studies into the knowledge and requirements of management level professionals so that only the most reliable candidates are considered. These programs are vital for individuals with the desire to step into the medical field with preferred knowledge and education. Finding the right healthcare administration program is simple – accredited degree programs are available all over the country.

Although not always required, some programs prefer that new applicants have some experience in the medical field. Having existing experience gives students an advantage in the implementation of the new strategies learned within this program. This program includes courses such as healthcare plans, quality assurance, and quality management. Courses such as these instruct students on the importance of accurate practices as well as good management techniques. Degrees are available at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels.

Graduate programs are most properly suited for individuals with nursing or other healthcare-related undergraduate degrees. A graduate degree in healthcare administration can provide employment opportunities throughout the course of a professional lifetime. Undergraduate degrees in healthcare administration will prepare students for careers in low-level management or other entry level positions, which will open doors to higher level positions in the future.

Many standard administrative positions require that graduates hold at least an associate’s degree, with management positions preferring graduate level professionals. Those pursuing graduate degrees will find that even more profound employment opportunities are available upon completion. Regardless of which path is chosen, a degree in healthcare administration is an excellent choice for those hoping to advance in the medical field.

Steps to Finding an Online Healthcare Administration Degree

There are different degree levels in healthcare administration. At the associate’s level, professionals can get their feet into the door of the medical field. Many entry level positions in the administration aspect of the medical field are eager to be filled by associate’s degree holders. While in positions at this level, employees are responsible for the intake and maintenance of patient information.

One of the most important aspects of the healthcare field is health insurance and patient demographics. In this field, professionals can provide a reliable service that will give patients only the very best service. Gaining experience in these positions can provide a path to even more rewarding career opportunities in the future. Bachelor’s degree holders are the most common in the healthcare administration field and can hold positions at the management level – directing teams of employees in proper conduct, patient care, and healthcare systems monitoring.

Graduates at higher degree levels can find employment at the management level or even higher tier positions. Having a graduate degree in healthcare administration communicates a high degree of knowledge and experience in healthcare systems as well as employee supervision. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, management level professionals in this field can earn around $92,810 on average.

Salaries at this level vary depending on previous experience and location. Management positions are available in settings including large medical facilities as well as private practices. Job duties vary depending on the setting, but include a wide range of responsibility. The medical field is a career warehouse for individuals with the drive to succeed throughout their lives.

Educational programs in healthcare administration prepare professionals for the fast-paced medical field and the various tasks that surround it. This degree program is a wise choice for individuals wanting a career that remain strong as technology continually changes the way that medical centers conduct their business.