Health Administration Degrees in Vermont

The field of managerial health is projected to grow twenty percent throughout 2024, meaning that qualified, well-educated workers in the field are expected to be in ever-higher demand as the health industry grows and evolves.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in Vermont, over 700 people were employed in managerial health positions, with an annual mean salary of over $95,000.

Most of these professionals find work in one of the 14 public and private hospitals within the state. However, due to the changing landscape of the industry in Vermont, more work is expected to be available in the private sector, be it as executives with healthcare providers, administrators in government offices, or even working with NGOs.

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Recent federal administration policies threaten to destabilize the health insurance market in Vermont. The new association health plans that will be sold in 2019 may attract healthier populations out of the more stable group risk pool and health insurance rates are likely to increase as an affect.

The potential revenue and cost savings that private health insurance companies can reap from recent policy changes is against public interest and premium prices threaten to effect the health of less fortunate people in Vermont.

It is important that the future professionals of Vermont care enough about these delicate issues to promote change in their communities when the time is right. Many people across the nation are taking steps to educate themselves in order to obtain roles that play large roles in policy and financial decision-making.

One such position is that of a health administrator. In general, health administrators enroll in programs that offer the advanced Masters in Health Administration degree. It is encouraged that prospective administrators explore university options that give them the best chance to maximize their potential in this line of work.

MHA Degree Programs Available in Vermont

There are several MHA programs in Vermont. These could be on-campus or online options while others could be a hybrid of both. Highlighting the program's cost, length, and core concepts are what any potential student should also consider.

Champlain College

Champlain College offers a Masters of Science in Healthcare Administration program completely online, in order to accommodate working professionals who wish to receive this advanced degree for career advancement.

In total, total tuition, regardless of residency status and minus program-related fees, amounts to $23,850.

The program is delivered in 8-week sessions until all 30 required credits are completed to receive this degree. The learning outcomes for this degree are many-folded:

  • Students are expected to explain and compare organizational elements and structures
  • Analyze structures using critical thinking and data analytics, nurture attributes of leadership and teamwork
  • Nurture attributes of leadership and teamwork
  • Maintain accurate financial documents
  • Perform ongoing self-reflection, absorb concepts related to ethics, confidentiality, and law
  • Identify barriers to continuous improvement processes
  • Use appropriate communicative skills to reach a number of different stakeholders
  • Learn management and coaching skills

Here are courses that you can take as part of this program.

Health Care System Design

Students explore the U.S. healthcare system and conceptualize models of delivery in the face of a dynamic world.

Healthcare Finance

As administrators, MHA recipients interact with the financial aspect of healthcare on a daily basis. These courses provide conceptual and practical knowledge of the different facets of healthcare finance. Students explore systemic financial operations in healthcare organizations.

Health Care Leadership and Innovative Change

Leadership is a critical competency of any MHA program. This course provides an introduction and an overview of the principles of leadership and management in healthcare, and challenges that healthcare administrators must face.

The University of Vermont

This university offers an online Masters in Public Health and students are also welcomed to take their healthcare management and leadership professional certificate program.

Their public health program guides students to solutions that improve the quality of life of the public in Vermont or wherever they choose to serve.

The classes empower students with knowledge in the different domains and disciplines that make up public health as an interdisciplinary field.

Their healthcare management and leadership program provides the tools needed to succeed in the health service delivery field as an administrator. Topics that this program include are data mangement, project management, employee management, and strategy-planning within a healthcare context.

In addition to the core skills that students learn, they will also gain the faculty expertise and a UVM network of peers that grow and support each other.

Combined, these programs should take only two years to complete.

For the tuition of the public health degree, students can expect to pay a tuition price of $27,130 as an in-state student and $43,210 as an out-of-state student.

These two programs are well-suited for entry-level professionals, managers in any field with just a few years of experience, clinicians, and healthcare organization executives.

Whatever your interest, an MHA is likely to expand your opportunities, and provide you with a number of tools for advancing your career in healthcare.

If you are interested in studying in a Vermont institution, you might consider any of the options which appear below.

List of Programs

School Level Program Admissions
American University Master Online MS in Health Care Management Learn More
George Mason University Master Master of Health Administration in Health Systems Management Learn More
Methodist University Bachelor BS in Health Care Administration Learn More
Illinois College Bachelor BA in Healthcare Management Learn More
George Washington University Bachelor BSHS in Clinical Operations and Healthcare Management Learn More

CAHME Accredited Vermont Health Administration Degrees

Vermont CAHME Accredited Programs

CAHME (Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education) is the top accrediting board for health admin and management programs. Below, you will find a list of all of the CAHME accredited healthcare programs in Vermont. Keep scrolling or jump to all programs for all programs.

List of Vermont Healthcare Administration Programs

Champlain College

MS in Health Care Administration
MS in Health Care Administration is an Online degree program being offered at Champlain College and intended to challenge you to think boldly and more innovatively than you imagined possible.

Marlboro College Graduate & Professional Studies

MS in Management in Health Care Administration is designed for working professionals and and enhances their management and leadership skills.