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With the popularity of the health care field, many different degree options have arrived that can allow students to gain skills in more than one specialty area.

As more students gain their degrees from reputable universities, upcoming college students are looking for ways to help further develop their skills and find expertise in multiple levels of the health care field.

The MHA in Clinical Nursing Administration is an excellent degree choice for current RNs that are looking for promotion within their current career.

This degree program includes topics from the general MHA program, which can help teach students more about the management and administrative responsibilities of leadership professionals throughout the entire health care field. Since most health care policies apply to the field of nursing, a lot of the concepts learned through the general program can be helpful for nursing professionals.

The curriculum for the Clinical Nursing Administration specialization is designed for students that have experience in the field of nursing.

Since the goal of this concentration is to create effective clinical leaders, students must have a strong understanding of the different nursing techniques, treatments, and manner. Clinical Nursing Administration can provide future professionals with what is required to be helpful in guiding and directing clinical services in busy hospitals and other health care centers.

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Example Courses to Expect

Principles of Pharmacology

Working in the health care field may require that you have a strong understanding of the medications and treatments available to patients. As part of clinical nursing programs, students may be required to take courses such as Principles of Pharmacology to help strengthen their knowledge of the field of nursing. In this course, students can learn about the different types of pharmaceuticals available for use, diagnostic reasoning, usage, and side effects. Students may also learn how to appropriately administer pharmaceuticals in a clinical setting and how to react in the event of an interaction.

Organizational Leadership for Nursing Professionals

MHA programs focus entirely on the inner workings of health care organizations. Since your degree program is a MHA at its base, you may see a lot of courses that include management techniques and methods for effectively operating these organizations. In this course, you may learn how to properly respond in the event of problematic issues, how to face difficulties with personnel or clients, and also how to properly maintain patient records and financial statements.

Financial Management

Some of the job responsibilities of health care managers is maintaining budgets, spending, and employee salary data. This course helps students to understand the financial processes that are put into place to help health care centers maintain higher ground with their finances. Developing financial statements, billing, cash flow, and taxation may be some topics that are covered throughout this course.

Notable Schools Offering MHAs in Clinical Nursing Administration

  • Drexel University: Drexel University current offers MHA programs completely online. These programs consist of a curriculum that can help sharpen a student’s skills in health care administration, with the option to pursue minors in field related to clinical nursing. Some of the minor options for this degree program include Nursing Leadership, Nursing Education, and Nursing Care of Autism Spectrum Disorder. These nursing specialties are great options for upcoming clinical nursing specialists that are interested in making a difference within their specialty area.
  • Valparaiso University: Students interested in working in the hands on field of nursing as a leadership professional may find that they have the most opportunity through dual degree programs. Since clinical nursing specialists work hard to lead teams in the clinical and applied aspects of nursing, dual degree programs – such as the one at VU – can help students gain necessary skills from both the MSN and MHA degree programs. In order to be accepted into these programs, students must already be licensed as a RN within their state and have experience in the field of nursing. Students must also apply and be accepted into both programs respectively.

Difference between the MHA in Nursing Administration and Clinical Nursing Administration

When you are searching for a fitting MHA program, you may come in contact with differing specializations that are relevant to your needs. The MHA has different nursing specializations that are more suitable for people from different undergraduate backgrounds. Our team of educational experts has reviewed some of these programs in order to help you find the program that is right for you.

The MHA in Nursing Administration is a great option for upcoming students from undergraduate programs related to health science. Since there are no applied standards for leaders in the field of nursing, it is not necessary for upcoming students to have a license to practice nursing when applying. The results of this degree program can lead graduates to careers in administrative leadership in the field of health care or nursing.

The MHA in Clinical Nursing Administration is a more hands-on degree program for RNs that have experience in the field. Most universities that offer this degree program seek out students that are licensed to practice nursing and want to advance their opportunities in the field of nursing specifically.

For students that graduate from this program, this can mean leadership positions in hospitals or medical centers that require direction in the administration of nursing to patients in need.

Career Outcomes / Day to Day Job Responsibilities

After you complete your degree, you can possibly seek out careers working for health care organizations that offer nursing care to the public. The skills that you can obtain through your degree program can help you become a personable and effective leader in many different settings. Whether you decide to pursue work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, or in specialty clinics, the work you can do can promote ethical practice for those that follow your lead. Some of the common job duties and responsibilities for this field are listed below for you to browse.

  • Conducting needs assessments on patients in a hospital setting
  • Reviewing treatment plans
  • Evaluating employee performance
  • Creating and implementing employee training
  • Budgeting

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Consider a featured online health administration program currently accepting applications for 2024.

School Program Admissions