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George Mason University Master Master of Health Administration in Health Systems Management Website
American University Master Online MS in Health Care Management Website
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Throughout the pursuit of a Master's in Health Administration, students will be introduced to the different aspects of the health care field. Touching on technology, a Master's in Health Administration ensures that learners are up to date with the recent innovative trends. Since hospitals and other health care facilities use the latest software and devices in their practice, it is important that graduates at this level understand them.

In order to proper comprehend the curriculum in a Master's in Healthcare Administration program, students should have some basic understanding of how the medical field operates from an insider perspective. Different undergraduate degrees are accepted, but nursing degrees or other health-oriented degrees are preferred for maximum exposure.

Completing an Online Master's Degree in Health Administration can open doors in various health care professions.

The medical field is growing at a rapid pace. New technologies are constantly being released, changing the face of what is considered typical medical science. Since medicine is something that the country is not likely to go without, it is clear that this field is one that will outlast the tests of time.

The Online Master's in Health Administration Degree

Accreditation not only guarantees a reliable degree, but is also required by all states for licensure. An online Master's degree in Health Administration can be pursued after the acquisition of an undergraduate degree. This degree program does require that applicants have some experience in the medical field.

Organizational knowledge is also an important aspect of this degree program. Although the healthcare administration field weighs heavily on a student's knowledge of the health care field, topics in business are also vital. Students will take courses related to business management and personnel supervision in addition to the structured health care education path.

Consider an Online Masters in Healthcare Administration

Technology has contributed to nearly aspect of business as a whole. It has changed the field of medicine by providing better products and better treatment tools. Technology has provided more than just medical innovation, though. In recent years, online degree programs have grown in popularity. The rise of online colleges has opened up possibilities for people that may have never had the opportunity to attend college before.

For those that have already earned a bachelor's degree and are interested in being an important part of medical innovation, online Master's degrees in Health Administration may be the answer they are looking for. These programs build on the existing knowledge and experience that applicants have in business and the medical field, providing for a knowledgeable health care employee. Over the course of the degree programs, students will learn to work independently while building a foundation for a helpful and reliable career.

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Masters in Healthcare Administration FAQs

What is the most preferred job for top level hospital managers?

Different hospitals may have different requirements for their upcoming management team. While some organizations may choose to pursue candidates that have extensive experience in the field, others may seek out graduates of relevant master’s programs. The best option for pursuing leadership positions may be to achieve this higher level degree, unless you have useful experience that can help you obtain top-tier positions with only a bachelor’s degree.

Do I need experience in the healthcare field to pursue this degree?

As you seek out reputable programs to indulge in, you may find that the majority of these programs include some aspect of work experience in their description. However, there is a large number of degree programs available that do not require any sort of existing experience in the healthcare field, which is great for those changing fields or new to the workforce.

What are some good personality traits for upcoming healthcare administration students?

In order to be an exceptional student within this degree program, you should exhibit some qualities that can assist you with success along the way. Students should be attentive to detail, organized, hard-working and inquisitive. There are many different aspects of the healthcare field to consider during this program that may force students to think outside of their normal realm of thinking and organize large sums of information at one time.

What can I earn with a Master’s in Healthcare Administration?

Due to the size of most healthcare agencies, there may be many different subfields for MHA earners to specialize in. These different positions can result in differing salaries for experienced professionals, depending on their area of interest. Take a look below at some of the average salaries for management professionals in the healthcare field.

Some Schools to Consider

As you search for the perfect program for your degree, you should consider the benefits of online degree programs. For master’s level students that are currently working in the field, online degree programs can provide the flexibility and convenience needed to succeed in both areas.

One university that provides an exceptional program for current healthcare professionals is Southern California University. This school offers the online Executive Master’s in Health Administration to current healthcare professionals with ample experience working the hospitals or other healthcare positions.

Like most online master’s programs, SCU requires that students engage in around 6 semesters worth of informational courses, as well as an in-person residency requirement. This requirement can help students observe management-level professionals as they work in the field, which can be a useful tool in connecting the curriculum with the healthcare setting.

Schools offering online Master’s in Healthcare Administration programs typically have completion times between 2.5 and 3 years for most full-time learners.

Common Master’s in Healthcare Administration Courses

Strategic Health Care Planning

The healthcare field may be a constantly changing aspect of society. Those working in the field must have a dedication to providing effective and strategic planning for their organizations to follow this growth. Students in this course can learn more about the planning elements that go into creating growth plans, training programs and high quality patient care that can follow along during expected transitions.

Healthcare Law

Before becoming a leader within the healthcare field, students should have a good idea of the laws and regulations applied to healthcare practice. This course can introduce students to topics related to the implementation of healthcare laws, regulations set forth to protect patients receiving care in a clinical setting and the rules surrounding a healthy workplace environment.

Healthcare Information Systems

The technological age has hit the healthcare field with full force. This implementation of healthcare systems and digital information keeping may have made it necessary for upcoming professionals to have some existing knowledge of computer information systems. This course can help students learn more about information systems used in a medical setting, troubleshooting methods and system security.

Healthcare Administration Specializations

  • Finance: Finance specializations can help students gain a better understanding of the monetary aspects of healthcare organizations. Budgeting, financial decision making, purchases and income may be some topics of interest for students choosing this route.
  • Human Resources: One major component of hospital management may be looking out for the people employed. Human resource specialists can assist with payroll, benefits and employee rights within hospitals and other medical facilities.
  • Program Management: Since many healthcare organizations are broken down into different sectors or specialized practice areas, management professionals may be needed at each stage. Program management can help you learn to provide centralized management techniques for specific areas within a hospital or medical facility.

Master’s Versus Doctorate in Healthcare Administration

Master’s programs in Healthcare Administration can be a great tool for upcoming medical professionals interested in providing great quality service to people in society.

Most of the information gained through MHA programs focuses on applying skills in a real-world setting, which can be beneficial for those becoming hospital managers or other members of administrative management. Course work found within these programs may help students gain tangible skills that can help to increase the effectiveness of their area.

The Doctorate of Healthcare Administration is an advanced degree program that can build upon what is taught in master’s-level programs. At this level, professionals can provide a more research-driven approach to providing great quality management within healthcare organizations.

Students graduating with this degree can work in positions that review and change healthcare policies and laws, or even in corporate levels of hospital management.

The primary difference between each of these degree programs may be the ways that professionals apply their knowledge in the healthcare field. Masters’s learners may work in hospitals or medical centers, providing direct supervision to healthcare professionals, while DHA graduates may work in higher tier positions that oversee the overall activities that can take place within their facilities.

Working in Healthcare Administration

Those working in the medical field can remain assured that job security will never be an issue throughout the scope of their lifetime. Interested prospects in this field will find that pursuing a career in this area of medicine will provide for an exciting future throughout the course of a career.

Choosing a university is the first step to a providing career. Universities are available through the United States, providing reliable degree programs for students of every background. When considering which degree program to choose, students should take note of a university’s accreditation status.

Career Options for Masters in Health Administration Graduates

Completing an online Master’s degree in Health Administration can open doors in various health care professions. Having existing experience in the health care field will also contribute to a more providing career in addition to a higher degree. Professionals at this level can find job opportunities at the administrative level up to executive level positions in small or large organizations.

In fields varying from dental health to emergency services, administrators are in great need. Program managers and division supervisors typically hold a degree of this magnitude and provide supervisory assistance to health care related businesses. At a higher career level, executive directors and chief officers are also graduate degree holders and have a higher tier position in medical corporations. The medical field spreads into varying organizations, from insurance providers to large businesses.

Individuals with a degree at this level can be used as a valuable consultant for these firms. Those working at this degree level will find that the promotional opportunity only increases with experience. Having the knowledge to proper assess health care systems as well as provide a sense of understanding of the health care process will prove to be beneficial throughout the course of a career. The medical field is constantly growing, making the predicted job growth for this career path higher than most other fields. Choosing this career path as a means for a great way of life is an excellent choice for those with experience in the health care field.

Where Can You Work With A Master’s in Healthcare Administration?

Hospitals and other health care facilities have varying numbers of staff members in different areas. The versatility of this degree program provides a variation of duties as well as salaries for professionals in this field. Although there are large differences in pay depending on the organization, one thing is certain – this career path is well providing for professionals.

Different positions provide different responsibilities, from management to consulting. Designation of responsibilities are sometimes different depending on the facility, making average pay very different depending on location. Online Master’s degrees in Health Administration allow professionals to find careers in several different aspects. The average salary for health administrators according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is $92,810 per year. As a professional working in this field, individuals will find that changes in the health care field required continuous learning throughout the course of a career.

The high innovation and technological advancement in the medical field requires only the most willing to participate. Choosing a career path that specializes in the medical field will be a choice that provides well not only for the professional, but for society as a whole. As the years pass, the need for individuals in this field will only grow, making it necessary for more graduates to choose this path.

The online learning trend has increased the respectability of online degrees, making this a convenient and reliable path for anyone searching for a great degree.

Consider an Online Program Currently Accepting Applicants
School Level Program Admissions
George Mason University Master Master of Health Administration in Health Systems Management Website
American University Master Online MS in Health Care Management Website
George Washington University Master Online Master of Health Administration Website
The University of Scranton Master Master of Health Administration Website
Queens University Master Master of Health Administration Website
University of Delaware Master Master of Business Administration - Healthcare Concentration Website
Utica College Master MS in Health Care Administration Website
George Mason University Master Master of Science in Health Informatics Website
Concordia University - Nebraska (CUNE) Master Master of Healthcare Administration - Leadership Website
Aurora University Master MS Exercise Science Website