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An Online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management from Gardner-Webb University can equip you with a strong understanding of the always-evolving healthcare industry environment and the principles and ethics of business, while also offering opportunities for internship experiences, to prepare you for a career as a manager in the field. Graduates are given the groundwork for careers in hospitals, doctors offices, and other healthcare organizations. Click for admissions information from

Bachelor’s Degrees in Healthcare Administration Programs

A Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration is the most popular level of degree in the field and can make a healthcare management career possible.

In a country that provides some of the most advanced healthcare throughout the world, Americans find that the medical field is a great place to find a career. The medical field remains unchanged in the face of innovation. People continue to need healthcare regardless of what is happening in the country. In order to assist with these patients, hospitals are in need of qualified professionals to help translate a patient’s needs into motion. Most people consider individuals such as nurses and doctors to be the most typical holders of medical careers.

Why a Bachelor’s in Health Administration?

To incorporate the many different aspects of this field, it is vital that students get a great quality education at the right level. A Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration is the most popular level of degree in this field. At this level, graduates are given access to both levels of employment.

Management positions typically require at least a bachelor’s degree for higher, while entry level positions also readily accept graduates at this level. Educationally, students should choose a university that provide accredited bachelor’s degree program. An accredited school provides a reliable degree that will be accepted by all employers. A good quality of education is the most important aspect of obtaining a degree.

Healthcare administration specialists are also prominent in any healthcare facility. Professionals in this field work hard to ensure that patients are given the most reputable care. As a medical representative, healthcare administration specialists are key to respectful communication and proper handling of sensitive information.

Why Consider Healthcare Administration as a Career?

Patients are the central focus of the medical field. In order to continue operating at a professional rate, medical facilities must accurately handle important patient information and provide the best quality care. Communication is a huge part of the treatment process. Healthcare administration specialists must be able to communicate effectively with people of varying backgrounds.

It is also important that individuals in this field have an in-depth knowledge of the medical field and the processes involved in effective patient care. In higher level positions, professionals in this field must be able to effectively oversee a staff of lower level employees. The knowledge needed in this line of work is of varying degrees.

What to Expect in a Bachelor’s of HA Program

After a student has chosen the most appropriate educational institution, he or she will be subjected to the most basic of curriculum requirements. Students in this program will be required to take many common prerequisite courses including accounting, business, and communication. These courses are required for most degree programs, but will contribute greatly to the career in which they seek. Prerequisite courses introduce students to the college experience and test their knowledge in many common subjects.

Health Administration Courses

These courses are important as a foundation for higher education. Upon completion of the prerequisite course requirements, students will then focus directly on healthcare administration curriculum. Courses in the bachelor’s level program include healthcare management, community health, and human resource management. As the course work infers, there are varying responsibilities for individuals within this field. The importance of education in health and management during this program is beyond the scope of lower level degree programs.

Online Bachelor’s in Health Administration

The bachelor’s program focuses greatly on the healthcare field and the subjects that protect patients and maintain employ conduct. As students move through this degree program, they will become accustomed to the many different fields that are included in this path. Bachelor’s degree programs are available both in-person and online.

Since this degree path is not one that requires supervised work experience, the online setting is a preferred path for busy professionals already working in the field. Students are expected to take part in class discussions, complete homework assignments and tests, and even participate in larger group projects.

These requirements are the same for traditional and online learners. Online learning is a more convenient option that allows students to work around their own schedules. A bachelor’s degree program in this field is the most popular for learners interested in getting into the medical field. The curriculum is highly focused on the healthcare industry and its related systems. Students that have taken part in these programs have found that it is increasingly important for finding careers in the medical field, making it a wise choice for upcoming students.

Professional and Career Opportunities in Healthcare Administration

At the bachelor’s level, professionals are found to be in high demand in healthcare administration. An individual with a bachelor’s level education exhibits a sense of profound knowledge in the healthcare field. Most entry level positions prefer that applicants hold at least a bachelor’s degree. Management level positions look for bachelor’s degree holders of higher for their positions, making this is a highly versatile degree choice.

Healthcare Management

At the management level, professionals will go beyond the aspects of patient communication and handling of sensitive information. Managers in healthcare administration will ensure that their teams are providing the best care and following protocol during all patient-related services. In order to have an effectively working hospital, professionals in this field must be able to adapt to the changing technologies and requirements set for by their state.

Working in a Hospital

Hospitals are constantly updating their requirements for professionals, making continuing education a necessary requirement for professionals. Management level employees in healthcare administration can earn around $92,810 per year while working in the field (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015).

The potential to earn only grows over time, as work experience is a useful tool in this field. For individuals wanting a career that will outlast changes in the economy, the medical field is a great place to start. As a professional in healthcare administration, an individual will find that there are career opportunities around every corner.

Career Outlook

The growth for this field is high in comparison to other professionals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a 17% growth in the next ten years, meaning more professionals will be needed to fill open positions. As the population continues to grow in the United States, healthcare professionals will be needed to assist in the care and treatment of new patients. Investment in a bachelor’s degree program will be well worth the effort.

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Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants

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List of Programs

Programs That May Be Currently Accepting Applicants