Health Administration Degrees in Wisconsin

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A newly published report by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality ranks Wisconsin as the fourth best state in healthcare quality (source).

Last year, they ranked first, and this drop is attributed to nursing home falls and an increase in the incidence of hospital admission for children with asthma. However, despite this drop in the rankings, Wisconsin remains as one of the top healthcare providers.

This reflects the outstanding relationship that administrators, providers, families, and patients have with each other, and the ability of the state to reach public health goals on a consistent basis. Moreover, many students across the state are taking health-related courses to continue making Wisconsin home to one of the best healthcare systems.

And just like most states, administrators are the backbone of a viable healthcare system. IF you want to be part of this specific workforce, then entering into an MHA program might be the next step for you.

Common Master's in Health Care Administration Degree Concepts

Below are potential courses that you may encounter in the healthcare administration program you enroll in.

Design of Health And Human Service Systems

This course is designed to develop its students' analysis and evaluation skills for components that make up the healthcare delivery system in this nation.

Operations Management in Healthcare Organizations

This course is designed to introduce fundamental principles, concepts, and approaches that can help students knowledge of healthcare operations, quality, and improvement.

Leading Change and Innovation in A Competitive Global Market

This course is designed to improve management skills by giving perspective into contracting, virtual manufacturing, quality targeting, and the global supply chain.

    What Can a Health Administrator Do In Wisconsin?

    According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), there are about 7,380 medical and health services managers, or in other words 2.61 medical and health services managers per 1000 people, employed in the state of Wisconsin.

    The annual median wage for these managers is $93,510. Nationwide, employment of medical
    and health services managers is projected to grow by 20% from 2016 to 2026.

    Online (and Onsite) MHA Programs in Wisconsin

    We wanted to pull some example MHA programs available in the state of Wisconsin and highlight some of the major differences between each one. Highlighting things like the cost and core concepts will help in the decision making process.

    University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee

    The university boasts a world-class education, with its 27,500 students from across the world taking on 194 degree programs. Under it's Department of Health Informatics and Administration, you can take courses to reach an MHA degree.

    The base tuition at this university is $1,308.81 per credit hour for residents.

    And $2,123.62 per credit hour for non-residents. Please check with this university's website to confirm any extra program fees.

    Its MHA program provides training in theory and allows for applying theory to practice with its required internship and capstone courses (source). The course enables students to understand health organizations in a variety of contexts.

    Healthcare Administration Jobs in Wisconsin

    The following lists job announcements pertinent to this degree program and their descriptions. The intent is to provide you with insight on the education requirements, what skills are needed, and what to expect from a career in health administration.

    Rogers Memorial Hospital, Director of Managed Care

    This position prefers a Master Degree in Healthcare Administration and a few years of experience in managed healthcare performance. This employer looks for someone with working knowledge of Managed Care and plan types, strong writing and presentation skills, strong leadership and interpersonal skills, and knowledge of working with unions.

    The manager is responsible for overseeing managed care contracts, providing internal and external consultation pertaining to Managed Care, developing data collection systems, evaluating performance, and developing joint marketing strategies.

    Monroe Clinic, Director of Emergency Services, Urgent Care and Fast Care

    This position prefers an MHA degree and at least five years experience in an acute care setting. This position looks for a candidate with strong knowledge of the healthcare delivery system, policy, quality and performance improvement. The candidate needs to have strong management skills.

    The director is responsible for delivering patient care in urgent care, fast care, and emergency services. He/she is also responsible for team performance and quality patient experience. The candidate in this role will also have to develop and facilitate relationships with medical service providers and other stakeholders.

List of Programs


George Washington University

Online Master of Health Administration
CAHME Accredited

American University

Online MS in Health Care Management

Tufts University

Online MS in Health Informatics & Analytics

George Washington University

BSHS in Clinical Operations and Healthcare Management

CAHME Accredited Wisconsin Health Administration Degrees

Wisconsin CAHME Accredited Programs

CAHME (Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education) is the top accrediting board for health admin and management programs. Below, you will find a list of all of the CAHME accredited healthcare programs in Wisconsin. Keep scrolling or jump to all programs for all programs.

List of Wisconsin Healthcare Administration Programs

Concordia University-Wisconsin

MBA-Helath Care Administration program at Concordia University is an online program that is designed within a historical and practical perspective. The program helps students realize their academic, professional, and spiritual potential.

Concordia University-Wisconsin

MBA-Helath Care Administration program at Concordia University is an online program that is designed within a historical and practical perspective. The program helps students realize their academic, professional, and spiritual potential.

Medical College of Wisconsin
Master of Science in Medical Informatics
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Medical Informatics (MSMI), M.S.

The M.S. Medical Informatics (MSMI) Program is jointly offered by MSOE and MCW. The program emhpasizes on the applied aspect of using informatics in the health care setting, which differentiates this program from other programs that focus on theory.