Training and Development Manager Career Profile


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Management professionals may be essential to the effective operation of businesses within each and every career field. In the field of training and development, management professionals can be efficient in providing skills to professionals responsible for teaching others how to perform their job correctly and ethically.

In the professional world, there are many different stages of expertise for people to consider. There are workers that perform tasks in an effort to provide people with a product or service, those that work behind the scenes in financial and policy-driven sectors of business and people that are interested in providing supervision and oversight to those completing those tasks.

What does a Training and Development Manager do?

Training and development managers may provide leadership to trainers providing services to a staff. These professionals may also chose the type of training materials used in their programs, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of this information on professionals in the workforce.

As a method for maximizing their team's training potential, managers within this realm may also analyze their current budget for training and select materials that are best suited for what their company has set aside funds for. The ultimate responsibility of the training and development manager may be to create programs that are best aligned with the goals of the organization and instruct trainers of how to delivery training efficiently and accurately.

People interested in becoming a part of the field of training and development should be determined and have the ability to think critically throughout their career. This career can help to increase the production of new employees, the accuracy of work performed by employees within an organization and the overall ethical environment of a workplace. Professionals in training and development can find a place in large varieties of organizations and agencies that seek the best training for the people employed by them.

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How do I become a Training and Development Manager?

The training and development manager can be highly influential within their organization. If you might be interested in becoming a management professional within this field, you should become knowledgeable about the degree and experience requirements that can get you there.

The first consideration for upcoming professionals in this field should be a degree program. Some employers may require that prospects obtain at least a bachelor’s degree to be considered for positions in management, while other employers may require a master’s degree from applicants. Researching the company you wish to work for can provide you with more insight into which degree level you should pursue to get the job you want.

In a degree program focusing on training and development, you can learn more about the requirements and regulations surrounding training specialists in the field. Students of these degree programs may also have the opportunity to learn about different training methods that can assist with harnessing the attention of learners, methods for reaching adult learners in a business setting and training tools that can help to keep people engaged and interested in the material being provided.

As part of these degree programs, students may also be given the opportunity to exercise their skills in a real-world setting. Some degree programs may require that students take part in a supervised practicum prior to graduating.

The acquisition of a relevant degree may only be the first step in getting into the position of your dreams. Like many other management positions, this type of career may require that you have some sort of experience in training and development prior to being chosen as a leader against others competing for the same job.

Some professionals in this field have previously worked as trainers or training and development specialists prior to applying for management positiosn, which can give them more knowledge of their career field that can be used to provide effective management to others.

Development Manager Programs to Consider

If you have made the decision to move into degree programs in training and development, you might be surprised to see how common they are in society. There may be a large number of universities that provide education in training and development at both the bachelor’s and master’s level.

One method of degree acquisition that may be popular with upcoming students and current professionals alike is online degree programs. Students can choose to pursue their degree online in order to obtain more flexible course schedules throughout their experience.

One program offering an online Master of Science in Training and Development can be found at the University of Saint Francis. This degree program can help students with achieving their goal of providing training services and leadership in business, education and healthcare. The entire program can be completed in as little as 1 year, which is a great option for bachelor’s degree-holders seeking quick advancement within their current position.

In addition to the standard master’s program, students can choose a specialization to help them gain better expertise within certain areas of training and development. Some of the specializations offered by this university include Human Resource Management, Health Administration and Management of Training and Development.

Example Development Manager Courses

Engaging and Retaining Talent

Training and development leaders may require skills to keep people interested and engaged throughout the learning process. This course can help students learn about different techniques that can assist with keeping people involved during the training process. Students can learn how to start engaged conversation with the classroom, methods for increasing the effectiveness of the training environment and talent retention.

Essentials of Leadership

Students enrolled in this course can learn skills relevant to leadership practice in training and development. Motivation and engagement techniques may be discussed in detail, as well as methods for analyzing an environment for potential improvement. Students can gain different tools for providing leadership to large teams of employees with differing needs and requirements.

Presentation Delivery

Since a lot of the work done by training and development specialists may consist of presentation of information, this course can help to provide skills in this area. Students in this course can learn tactics for gaining the attention of their audience, effective delivery of information and accepting feedback from those being trained. This course could be increasingly helpful for trainers working in the healthcare and business environments.

What can I earn as a Training and Development Manager?

Training and development managers can be an integral part to effective services within an organization. People interested in becoming a part of this field may have an interest in the types of earnings that can be obtained through working with new and current employees on learning techniques and ethics regarding their positions.

If you might have an interest in pursuing a career in this field, review the average salary estimations below to see what you could possibly earn while working in the field. The data below consists of actual salaries of current professionals in the field of training and development.

What skills are required for success in this field?

Those considering a move into this incredible field should possess skills that can assist them with being effective training professionals and great managers. While there are numerous personality traits that could define the ideal training and development manager, there are certain skills that could benefit you as you progress towards your goal.

Read more about some skills that can help you throughout your career as a training and development manager.

Knowledge of their Organization

In order to provide useful information to new employees and current employees needing additional training, information provided should be relevant to the organization in which it is taught. Professionals working at the management level should have a deep understanding of the company they work for, extensive knowledge on the policies and principles and a dedication to constant learning as the company changes. This can be achieved through previous work experience in the same field, which may be why some degree programs suggesting working in your field of interest prior to enrolling in the degree program.

Innovative Thinking

Just like in any field of business, innovation can be the ticket to lasting success. Training and development managers may be more efficient when they can think outside of the box and provide training techniques that transcend what is already available for use in the field. In terms of employee engagement and retention, innovative training managers can often have more success within these areas than those that have little or not innovative thinking on their pallet. If you want to be the best management professional you can be, you should be prepared to bring new technologies and methods to the table for use in the training domain.

Strong Communication Skills

Talking and communicating can be 2 very different things altogether. Communication skills can reach employees, help them harness confidence in their trainers and keep them interested throughout the process. Great communicators can also delivery information more efficiently, which can lead to better absorption of the information being given. This skill can be a very important aspect for upcoming training and development managers throughout the U.S.