Human Resource Manager Career Profile


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In various companies all over the country, there are different sectors of concerns for professionals working in these organizations. Each section of an organization's administrative team may have different functions, each of which can contribute to the efficient operation of the company as a whole.

Professionals concerned with the quality of employees, their benefits and the safety of the work environment may be a part of a human resources team. Human resources professionals may work primary to increase the knowledge and satisfaction of workers that are employed with the organization.

Management professionals within this realm may supervise employees within the human resources field to ensure that all people are receiving an adequate amount of support from this team.

More specifically, human resources professionals may work hard to ensure that a company's training policies are up to date with current processes and requirements. In the event that changes are needed, these professionals may assess the current needs of the company in order to implement a new and applicable training policy and schedule its delivery to current and new employees.

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What does a Human Resource Manager do?

Human resources managers may also oversee the implementation of benefits enrollment for current employees, as well as ensure that employees receive answers to any questions regarding these benefits from human resources professionals under their supervision.

Any issues surrounding an unsafe work environment or conflicts between employees may be the direct responsibility of the human resources department, in addition to the recruitment, hiring and firing of workers for the organization.

Employees that receive amply support from their human resources department may be more likely to work harder and more efficiently for their organization. Oftentimes, a company may be measured by the helpfulness of their human resources department, since employees tend to be more satisfied with their jobs when they are supported by the organization as a whole.

If this sounds like the type of job you could see yourself doing in the future, you are encouraged to read more in this guide below. Our team of educational experts has reviewed what it takes to become a human resource manager and the career field itself to provide you with more insight about what to expect throughout your journey.

How do I become a Human Resource Manager?

Before considering a move into a certain career field, you should always be aware of what it takes to achieve that goal. While some careers fields in business may not require a lot of additional college education, some can require years of extra learning that is not suitable for your schedule.

In order to be considered for a career as a human resource manager, you should pursue a degree related to the field of business or human resources. These types of degree programs can be found at universities all over the country, both in traditional learning environments and online. The online realm of education may be growing into one of the more popular options, due to its lasting convenience and flexibility for enrolled students.

Students that choose to pursue a degree in order to obtain positions such as this one should choose a degree major and specialty that can assist in meeting their goals. One of the most preferred options for upcoming college students may be the Master’s in Human Resource Management.

Another popular choice may also include the Business Administration – Human Resources. In other specialty fields, students can choose from human resources programs that are specific to certain fields, such as the Master’s in Healthcare Administration – Human Resources. You should determine what type of career you desire prior to choosing a degree program to engage in.

Once you have obtained a college degree, you should try to pursue a career within the field you would like to work. Some graduates of these programs move on to positions within the field of business or healthcare, in order to gain useful experience within the field they are interested in. Some employers may require that students have several years of experience within their field of interest prior to applying for higher-tier positions in that field. Plus, the added benefit of experience can help you to prepare for working with employers in a real-world setting.

Human Resource Manager Programs to Consider

The school you choose for your education can help you to prepare for a challenging, yet exciting career within the field of human resources. All over the country, colleges may offer programs that claim to provide you with more in-depth information, face-to-face experiences and valuable knowledge of the business field as a whole.

As you search through these programs for the right fit, you should consider your needs as a student and a professional. In order to help you along the way, our team of educational experts has reviewed a program suitable for this line of work and provided some information below.

The online Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management at Ashford University can be a great option for upcoming students interested in gaining a high quality education in their field of choice. Beginning with entry-level HR knowledge and skills, students can move throughout this program quickly in order to gain the most information within a reasonable amount of time.

This program requires students to take 1 course at a time, with each course lasting 5 weeks each. The entire program can be completed in 3-4 years, making this a great introductory degree program for interested students.

Human Resource Manager Example Courses

Employee Training

One fundamental skill required of human resource managers is the ability to adequately train new and existing employees within an organization. This course can help students understand the importance of great communication and employee engagement during the learning process. Students enrolled in this course may also have the opportunity to learn skills that can prove to be beneficial during the training process, as well as skills that can help trainers analyze their own training material for potential improvements.

Employee and Labor Relations

There may be many diverse components associated with working with employees in large organizations. In this class, students can take a closer look at how the employee can have an involvement with labor unions, the laws that pertain to employee labor and union relationships and government regulation on labor standards. This course can be increasingly helpful to human resource managers that wish to provide an ethical and legal environment for their employees.

Compensation and Benefits Management

As one of the more popular job responsibilities of human resource managers, compensation and benefit management may be an important topic for students to cover throughout the educational experience. This course can help students during the review of salary programs and how they are implemented in the professional setting, performance reviews and benefits options. Employee incentive programs may also be discussed throughout this course.

What can I earn as a Human Resource Manager?

People considering a career as a human resource manager can seek out positions in many different types of organizations throughout society. Almost any business that employs a large amount of employees may require the services of a human resource manager, since they can provide such a needed service to the employees of an organization.

Human resources managers can help to provide support to employees that may feel out of touch with their organization and ensure that they receive information and support on what is provided to them through their employer. If you wish to know more about what professionals in this line of work can earn yearly, take a look at some of the salary averages listed below.

What type of people will I manage in this position?

Human Resource Specialists

Human resource specialists may work to ensure that employees are consistently aware of the services and supports available to them in the workplace. Each of these professionals may report to the human resource manager when conflict arises or when situations require a higher authority for approval. Incentive programs and training initiatives may be implemented by this group of employees.

Benefits Specialists

Benefits specialists may be primarily responsible for ensuring the employees have the opportunity to apply for and become eligible for health insurance, life insurance and disability insurance offered by their employer. These professionals may communicate between employees and these agencies to ensure that employees have access to all necessary services.

Training and Development Specialists

When a new employee is hired, training and development specialists may step in to provide initial training prior to the start of a new job. In the event that continuing education or training is needed for current employees, these professionals may implement training sessions for these employees to attend. While the job of creating the training may be designated to higher positions within the business realm, suggestions for change or improvements in training practices may begin at this level.