Health Information Management Degrees

Health Information Management is an interesting field that combines aspects of Business, Healthcare, and Computer Technology into its curriculum. As a student within this discipline, you can learn more about how these systems come together within patient care and emergency management, what steps to take to provide more efficiency within medical technology, and how to integrate your knowledge into the creation of more effective programs as the need arises.

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Carlow University Bachelor Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Data Analytics Learn More
George Mason University Certificate Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics and Data Analytics Learn More
King University Bachelor BS in Health Informatics Learn More
Saint Joseph's University Master MS in Education - Special Education - Applied Behavior Analysis Learn More

Health Information Management: What is this Program Area?

Health Information Management seeks to teach students how to lead teams within the health technology field. As a means for being a better leader, students must also learn more about the different systems that are used within this field - and their purpose for operations.

You will see in the section below that the curriculum for these degree programs takes into consideration the need for extreme caution when working with patient health data - due to the regulations placed on patient confidentiality. Management techniques and tools may also be provided throughout this discipline, since most graduates will move on into careers that involve leading other IT specialists throughout their daily experiences.

If you are looking for a career that involves working with IT systems in the healthcare field, this is a great option for you. Health Information Management programs are a great resource for IT professionals that are looking for a more focused area of expertise as well. The curriculum for such programs includes topics that may increase your awareness as an information systems professional and help to solidify your skills as a leader within this domain. This degree program can help sharpen your skills as an IT professional - as well as a management professional.

Online Master of Health Information Management Programs

The goal of educational programs in Health Information Management is to teach students how to become leaders in a fast-paced, technologically-advanced society. These educational programs have come a long way in the last decade, with online degree programs being a leader in providing agencies for students interested in pursuing this degree. The reliability and flexibility of these online programs continues to draw in record numbers of students each year.

As a student within an online program, you may find yourself indulging in self-learning and self-discipline as a primary means for success. Online degree programs are designed for students that are dedicated to their education and wish to pursue a degree without having to lose out on time at home or at work. For Health Information Management students, it can also mean more experience with online technologies that are present within current society.

Most online degree programs can be completed in less than 2 years within this field. Students that want to finish sooner may even locate online Master's in Health Information Management programs that can be finished within about 1 year. Depending on your availability and your dedication to your degree - you could be on track to working in the field within a short amount of time.

American Public University currently offers a helpful Master's in Health Information Management for interested students. This program seeks to teach students about the ethical foundations of HIM, as well as the requirements of healthcare-related agencies that use Health Information Systems. If you are looking for a reliable program that can provide ample flexibility, APU is a great university to consider.

Specific Master of HIT Course List

Sometimes just looking at the curriculum of a master's program can help you learn more about what to expect once enrolled. Our team of educational experts has located some universities that offer the MHIM in order to give you a more solid look at what courses you can take once you have been accepted. The courses below show the variation of policy, regulation, and management that are present within this degree program. Depending on the university that you choose, your courses may look slightly different or have different course titles. In order to be accredited, universities must provide a certain set of courses that are relevant to your career prospects. Always verify that your program is accredited prior to enrolling. Read more about the courses within this program below.

  • Health Information Governance: This course outlines the different government regulations and policies regarding coding and healthcare administration. Students taking this course can learn how to protect identifying information and learn what type of information can be shared via computer systems with other agencies.
  • Managing Compliance: Students within this course can learn how fraud and misuse of information can take a toll on health information systems professionals across the country. Understanding the regulations that are put into place for people within this domain can help shape effective professionals within the workplace.
  • Research Methods: This course helps to shape research-oriented professionals that can effectively analyze and make changes to current healthcare information systems. Research methods, analysis, and review are some topics that students may become involved with while working through this course.
  • Information Protection: This course builds upon HIPAA information regarding patient medical records and protection. Students can learn how to analyze systems for security and provide insight into the better protection of identifying personal information stored within medical records on computer information systems.
  • Leading as a HIM Professional: Crisis management, personnel management, and leadership are some important topics that students may explore while in this course. As a leader within the field of Health Informatics, students must be able to respond effectively in the event of mishaps or errors pertaining to IT systems and personnel.

Health Information Management Career Options

This degree program is best suited for individuals that are seeking leadership positions within the field of Health Informatics. The knowledge of ethics and guidelines relevant to Health Informatics can help shape helpful management officials within many different areas of the healthcare field. While you have many different options for careers within hospitals and medical centers across the country after graduation, your knowledge of health information systems can help you find even more diverse options in research and policy development.

  • Health Services Manager: $96,540 on average per year (BLS).
  • Computer Systems Analyst: $87,220 on average per year (BLS).
  • Database Administrator: $84,950 on average per year (BLS).
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